What Am I Up To?

Tuesday - February 7, 2017

This semester I have signed up for Stop Motion II course. This course requires us to produce a single stop motion film as an entire class. We are divided into teams/departments to oversee different areas of the film. It is designed to have us work in a studio setting, with professor as our Director, and T.A.'s as our Assistant Directors.

I have joined the Set Design team. I spent today making a prototype of a curtain that can be pulled up into a gathered-fancy-looking way (dont mind my lack of knowledge of the exact term; I am working off of a visual). The goal was to create an invisible motion for the curtains to be pulled up.

The curtain panel were sewn by me from scratch. I also engineered the gathering of the panel after our team had reached a conclusion on what path to take. Made some last minute design tweaks on the mechanism. We will be adding a pulley system, instead of me directly tugging on the fishing line.

This is prototype, so it is not the prettiest, but functional. I plan on sewing all six panels for the project next class.

Here is a video of us testing it out. I am the one hiding behind the curtain.

Shout out to Kristen Davis for filming the trial!