Inspired by a semester of driving 50 miles a day commute and taking more credits than recommended.  Yet, a great learning experience and opportunity to recognize strengths.

Untitled: Self Exploration

A second attempt of making a wire armature, and a first attempt of adding some fabrication. Fun final assignment to explore range of actions.


This was a tough one as it was my first time consciously attempting transitions! However another amazing learning experience and some tools and tricks gained in the process.

No sound as of now, but will update as soon as time allows.

Time and Texture Project

One of the experimental stop motion attempted during Sophomore year. Great opportunity to find animation in the weirdest/unlikely of objects.


All music rights are reserved with Missy Elliot's "WTF".

Breaking the Surface- First Attempt at Stop Motion

First time ever attempting stop motion as well as a self-taught wire armature.

All rights to the music belong to Harry Belafonte's "Jump in Line".